Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Next Generation

When Fred and Norine were first married, the best evidence shows that they lived at the Gladstone two-family.  This is based on the property record that shows that older sister, Edith, sued all of the heirs of Charles Henry to enable her to get her part of her inheritance.  A judge ruled that the property would have to be sold and the proceeds divided among his widow and three children.  Fred and Norine were listed as living in the home when the suit was filed two months after their marriage and four months after Charles Henry's Death.

A search of the Cincinnati City Directories and the 1910 U.S. Census shows the young family boarding with the Zins family at 2416 Eastern Ave.  They were living there when their first-born, Edith, was born.  Although birth certificates were not required until 1911 in Ohio, her birth was recorded with the city and later transcribed to an index card.  A link to these records is here.

Birth Record for Edith N. Jones

The young family didn't stay at this address for long.  Margaret Ann's notes referred to the family living on Dandridge.  Dandridge is a street in the Pendleton Area of downtown Cincinnati -- not part of the East End. I couldn't understand why they would have moved there, but then I remembered that Norine's brother, Albert, and sister, Addie, were living in that area.  A search of the Cincinnati City Directories showed the family living at 514 Dandridge Street and Albert and Addie Cronin living just around the corner at 1306 Pendleton.  Both buildings have since been torn down.  "Fred's" occupation was listed as "carpenter."  Albert Cronin was a bartender.

Charles Frederick Jones
I have to imagine that there was a strong call back to the East End.  By 1912 the City Directories list the family at 2269 Columbia Ave.  This growing family rented from Fred's Uncle Tom and Aunt Ella.  They would continue living here until 1929, when the city purchased the property to make way for the new Columbia Parkway.  My cousin, Tony Scardina, found this priceless picture showing all five children on the front porch of this property.

Pictured in a clockwise direction:  Edith holding Margaret Ann, Charlie (Bud), Bob, and Johnny
Anyone able to identify the blurry car in the background?

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