Monday, February 13, 2012

Fred, Norine and Five More

Pictured in a clockwise direction:  Fred, Edith, Charlie "Bud", Norine, Bob and Johnny

Margaret Ann was born eight years after Johnny.

Edith Norine
14 June 1910

Charles Frederick
4 July 1911

Robert Leo
15 July 1918

John Thomas
30 September 1920

Margaret Ann
22 January 1928

In the previous post, all five children of Fred and Norine were photographed on the front porch of the home on 2269 Columbia Avenue.  We know the family moved in 1929 and we guess that the picture was taken sometime in 1928 -- perhaps when Margaret Ann was going to be baptized. The family shared a home with Uncle Tom and Aunt Ella Jones.  It had to be a crowded existence with at least nine people living in a small house, but it is obvious from the picture that all was well and that they lived a good life on limited means.

2269 Columbia Ave. (Note that all houses had outhouses behind them.  No indoor plumbing).

So what role did the Ohio River play in the life of this family?  Last year we tried to find remnants of the foundation for this house as it was torn down to make way for Columbia Parkway in the 1930s.  Although the spot is currently covered with brush and vegetation, the view of the river is unmistakable.  If you know where to look, you can see the steeple of my grandmother's beloved St. Rose Church.

View of the Ohio River from 2269 Columbia Ave.

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  1. It is amazing how large numbers of people managed to live as happily together in smaller spaces with 1 bathroom, as many do now in big houses with fewer people. They had a great view.