Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Emanuel Protestant Episcopal Church

As discussed in the previous post, Charles Henry and Rachel Adela were married at Emanuel Protestant Episcopal Church.  Highlighted above is the two-family home on Gladstone where the family lived and the church on Eastern Ave.  It would have been a short walk down Collins Ave. to reach the church.

The Church first appears in the Cincinnati City Directories in 1876.  Several of the City Directory listings are included below:

The History of Cincinnati and Hamilton County published in 1894 by S.B. Nelson in 1894 listed the following Protestant Episcopal Churches in Cincinnati:

Not only did Charles and Rachel get married in this church, but all three of their children were baptized there.  I contacted the Episcopal Diocese to see if there were any records for the Joneses in this church.  Following a search, the archivist sent me this message:
We have one record book for the 1910-1920 period listing members, baptisms and confirmations. It included a note from an archivist in the 1940s that most of the parish records are lost.
The church was torn down not long after 1920.  This should be a surprise to no one, as its location on the banks of the Ohio River made it prone to yearly flooding.

Current location of LeBlond Park with Highland School and St. Rose Church in the background.
The church would have been in the approximate location of the soccer field.  The river is just off to the right.

My grandfather, Charles Fred Jones, was a life-long Episcopalian buried from the Christ Church Cathedral at the time of his death.

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  1. It's too bad they didn't have the records. I really like that last photograph...the sky and the tree and the green grass and golden leaves.