Sunday, February 5, 2012

Margaret Ann's Records

There is NOTHING that excites someone attempting to understand her family history more than a document written by someone who may have first-hand knowledge of the family. This document contains notes about my grandparents, Norine and Fred Jones. It was written by their youngest daughter, Margaret Ann. For years I've worked to prove or disprove the contents. Much of it has been supported by the research, with a few exceptions.  For readability, I have taken the liberty to add some punctuation and other minor changes to the transcription of her notes. Thanks, Aunt Margaret Ann.  You've been a big help.

Norine Augusta Cronin Jones
Born 1854 - Mt. Sterling, KY moved to Lexington then to Cincinnati where her brothers owned a saloon and grocery at 711 Main St. Later after working at the Manhattan Restaurant in the Mabley and Carew Tower married Charles Frederick Jones 1909 St. Rose Xavier Church.  Lived for a while on Dandridge St. (I think weeks) then moved to Zins home, a local saloon keeper and his wife who had been a friend to Dad when he ran away from home about age 13 and swam out to a river boat and worked as a cabin boy the reason for leaving his mother (Rachel Wainright)  had died when he was Leo (6) Dad (8) Edith (10).

Stepmother (Alwilda) laid to rest beside Dad's father in Walnut Hill Cemetery.  Rachel was buried in Ky -- Ft. Mitchell I think.

Later Mom and Dad rented from Tom and Ella Jones at 2269 Columbia Ave. moving to 2424 Eastern in 1929. The stock market crash came after the move but my faithful father made his payments.  Home cost $5500 and sold for $7500  -- What good years for us children.  We had love, support and fun.  Mom died in 1964 and Dad lived at 2424 until he moved in with Sis in 1966 at 3106 Kinmont.

If you become involved in a genealogical society such as the Hamilton County Genealogical Society and want to submit your family for various lineage groups, documentation such as that presented by Margaret Ann can be used to support your findings, but is not considered PROOF.In the next post, I will show how the proof differed in some ways from this GREAT source of information.


  1. Wow again Kath! Thanks, Tony

  2. It may not be proof but it gives you so much direction about where and what to look for.

  3. These stories and documents are the framework - the structure of the story. Yes, we need to substantiate or disprove the statements. But how a family defines itself is so telling.