Monday, March 19, 2012

Columbia Avenue Pictures

One of the joys of researching the East End was finding a facebook page dedicated to the neighborhood.  Bryan Phillips set up this page. Followers of this page have provided a wealth of wonderful information on the "old" neighborhood.  Today was no exception. One of the followers of the East End page provided a link to this study that had been completed about Columbia Parkway and River Road.  You can read the whole report by clicking on the link below this graphic.  The report contained some wonderful pictures of Columbia Ave. before it became Columbia Parkway.  Since our Joneses lived at 2269 Columbia Ave., I couldn't resist sharing some of the pictures contained in the study.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.


  1. Bryan Phillips commented in reference to the first picture: "This is not Columbia Parkway. This is E. Third St. The church is All Saints Roman Catholic Church, which would be essentially at 1300 E. Third. The ice sign belongs to the City Ice & Fuel Co., 1275 E. Third. Now what evidently happened was this: E. 3rd at Bains Place became Columbia Avenue. How ‘bout dat? 1352 (1399) was the last address for it because 1400 started at Bains Place. I was wondering why my city directories were starting Columbia at 1400, and after seeing that Eastern started there, too, well…I was searching the directory looking for the first part of CP, when I ran across Collard, and one end started at Front St., and ended more or less at E. 3rd. Luck O’ the Irish, huh? Well, I do believe that at least one of my names is Gaelic… I will search one more directoroy to see if I can come up with a name for the store at the bottom left of the pic. History! Great stuff!"

    1. I am so glad to know that is All Saints Church. I've heard it referenced in many genealogy discussions but never knew the exact location or what it looked like.

  2. Bryan also added: The grocery store was owned by a Henry Schwenn and was located at 1276 E. 3rd.