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"The Finest Man Ever . . ." Charles Henry Jones

Charles Henry Jones
" . . . He was the finest man who ever walked Eastern Avenue."

In a letter chronicling our family history, written by Lillian Mears first cousin of my grandfather, my great-grandfather was described this way:

Charles Henry Jones was a handsome, fair man, much like your Bob.  Everyone liked him and people said he was the finest man ever walked Eastern Avenue.  He looked something like your father, except his coloring was different.
"Bob" is the grandson of Charles Henry and the "father" she is referring to was his son, Charles F. Jones.  He is described as having blond hair and blue eyes.  So what do we know of him?  Charles was:
  • Born January 23, 1849 and died September 8, 1909.
  • He was married twice -- first to Rachel Adela Wainright on January 25, 1882 and later to Alwilda Collins on December 26, 1898 following the death at age 43 of his first wife.
  • He was the father of three children:  Mary Edith (1882), my grandfather Charles Frederick (1884) and Leo Wainright Jones (1887).
  • He started his career as a "sawyer", became a machinist/handyman and later was listed as a carriage maker/car repairer.
  • He owned a two-family at 2316 Gladstone off of Collins Ave.
  • He was actively involved in the Knights of Phythias, even having symbols of that fraternal organization engraved in his grave marker.
  • He suffered from "chronic nephritis," a kidney disease that eventually was responsible for his death at the age of 59
  • Charles died in 1909 and is buried next two his second wife in Walnut Hills Cemetery.
But there is so much more to this man than the "facts." I've tried over the years to put "flesh on those bones," but I'm afraid I must rely too much on conjecture.  In the next post, I'll give you my best guess about Charles Henry.  If you see it differently, please leave a comment.

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